The Washi Life explained……

Victoria, Vicki, Vix, Mum – I answer to many names, so find it hard to define myself into one clear title….. Hence also my variety when it comes to social media names – well at least I can sign in without having to remember a long list of numbers following my name!

About me – well, I have an extremely diverse history which I have accidently fallen into along the way. Too many interests do leave me a jack of all trades, master of none (one of these who has a go and it seems to work out) – so I suppose you could say this blog is to help me bring it all together and share what I do know……

Things I have done in my life include:

  • Bricklaying and Construction Instructor in a Male Prison
  • Qualified teacher, assessor and quality assurance trainer
  • Singer/Songwriter – my ULTIMATE passion
  • BlackBelt Kickboxer
  • Nail Technician
  • Rigid Inflatable Boat Builder
  • Beaver Scout Leader
  • Founder, Owner & Managing Director of a Social Enterprise dedicated to changing lives of offenders and ex-offenders across the UK……

So you see, I could write a blog with a little of everything to appeal to a very broad range of people- but that is very easy to say you do…. So I am going to write about everything I KNOW and what is happening within my life. That’s kind of what I am good at!



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