Learning to build the blog….

Ok – so you may see random posts popping up along the way, that’s because I am learning to get around a word press free blog. Currently, I am unable to find how to change/add/link posts to a category… which does not yet exist….

I have found how to add a blog post (as you can see) which is quite easy, BUT no option to change font size directly, which is odd. I can change it within a heading – as per coding. I suppose we expect too much nowadays when you don’t have a natural coding ability…. EASE for the user is necessary, else you will just lose your audience or potential clients!!!! I have a feature picture – bit big…. must find how to change that size, OR do I have to do it before I upload…

I have a business idea I am working on which requires coding – a LOT of coding – and not just any coding, we are talking all your Java and JQuery type stuff…. believe me, I hadn’t heard of HALF of this stuff yesterday. I am one of those types of peeps that will have a go at anything and it seems to work out, so I won’t let this blog defeat me either!

All my social media links are there after having to set up an account for EVERYTHING! It is quite hard finding a blog name which has access to all it’s social media outlets too without any additional numbers (which you know I can’t stand from my first post) *oooooh get me referring back to a previous post*

Then there is all the etiquette that goes along with blog posting. Do I type as I would speak… or must one use the correct English… as long as my spell check doesn’t fail me I am sure it will be fine!

How many words should I type on a subject? I don’t want to lose the reader – and my research suggests there is no real limit other than no less than 30 words or Google hates you and you won’t pop up anywhere. I suppose that’s because you look a bit weak… on the other scale, no-one wants to read a babbling essay. If I am looking for instructions, I like a little history about how it went, whether certain products worked better than others, some handy hints and tips from others’ stuff ups so I don’t make the same THEN down to the hard stuff…. the nitty gritty of how to do it…

Pictures – do I HAVE to use a picture every time? I suppose it helps give something to the blog, but as per this post, do i just add one for the sake of it?  Here’s one of my kids to break up the page…..


So – this starting a blog isn’t as straight forward as many think initially. It takes time, research, finding a niche, a name, a logo, a BRAND effectively, an ability to converse in type, a confidence to have a go….. and the patience of a complete saint to not throw this computer out the window….

Now that’s out of the way…. I shall continue my searching through WordPress and building this beauty of a blog…. alongside practicing coding, dreamweaver, pictures, editing, learning photoshop for update….. oh and the normal mum of 2, housework, the actual job I have, Beaver Leader…. and everything else I will be writing about! 😉


EDIT: – I have found how the categories work…. little bit on the left under tags and categories… MUST read properly! 😉


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