Carnival 2015….

When you donate your child to an organisation, like the Scouts, there is the inevitable task which gets sent home at a certain time of the year…… Carnival….

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a good carnival. All the lights, costumes, dancing, amazing floats and the dedicated teams to making it special for the thousands of spectators – the evening procession. There is one part of the Carnival day which is the most testing…. The children’s afternoon parade!

Rewind to Carnival 2014, October. Hayden my eldest had been in the Beaver Scouts since March so this was his first carnival. I wasn’t there to collect him the night of the character lucky dip draw- nope…. So it was a pleasant surprise to find out when he got home with the hubby that they were doing ‘Star Wars’. Great choice- 2 of each character, sometimes 3 as there were 24 beavers…. BUT there was only 1 r2d2…. And we got it!!!

Now, I don’t want to blow my own trumpet, but my family have a history of creativity (my mum actually started said Beaver Colony 20 years ago) and therefore I couldn’t help but feel slightly picked on – well actually if I’m honest, fully abused with the hardest costume allocation. Not one to be beaten, the hubby and I set out to create an absolute beast of a costume…..

We didn’t win…. There is this thing called politics, whereby it is not judged on the actual costumes, it is just not awarded to the same group 2 years in a row….. Even though clearly this was pretty epic considering my son had to wear it and steer it down the highstreet! 😂

Now….. 1 year later…… We are at Carnival season again and this time I am a Beaver Leader…. And extremely competitive!!!! As a Capricorn, it comes naturally to me to be this way! Our choice of theme – ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” circa 1971 version… With the orange faced – green haired oompa loompa’s. Great idea! So the planning commenced, the standard had been pushed high with r2d2 last year and now the whole colony was looking to me for inspiration for the group!

Luckily for us, the parents of our Beaver Scouts have been really pro-active with their involvement and making of individual costumes. They have gone all out to dress to the characters given and have done an amazing job!

We were also sponsored by our local Brainwave store who helped with collecting specific clothing pieces for us to purchase and the amazing sewing talents of the staff which has really inspired us all!

Hayden- he was given Willy Wonka. With a hat from the Brainwave donations made, trudging around charity shops for weeks keeping an eye on anything required for all costumes and planning for the new float under way, it has been a stressful few weeks preparing!

I am writing this the night before the big day 2015-yawning my head off while the hubby makes an emergency cane for Hayden’s costume! The float is all made, the factory ‘smokes‘ (hubby is a chimney engineer so it had to work else there would have been trouble) and now is the countdown to the most stressful afternoon hoping everyone turns up, nothing is forgotten and most of all that it doesn’t rain! 😂


EDIT:- well …… Stunned silence has occurred….. We only went and won our category!!!!! Not just that either, we won best Youth Organisation cup too!!!!!!!!! Hahaha!



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