Samsung H Series American Fridge Freezer

So…. my first ‘VLOG’ review…. I have to learn a LOT more techniques when it comes to video editing… but hey… everyone has to start somewhere! 🙂 I will be posting more reviews of products I purchase… and hopefully help companies with theirs too…. These opinions are purely my own, I have not been paid… Continue reading Samsung H Series American Fridge Freezer

Extreme Couponing UK explained…..

   I am a shopaholic – put a pound in my pocket and I can’t help but need to spend it. I can’t help it!!!! IN FACT I think there are a lot of people who feel like that nowadays, with the ‘need everything now’ mentality which floats around. How have I curbed my spending… Continue reading Extreme Couponing UK explained…..

Studio days….

One of the biggest parts of my life is music. Everyone has a song which is their ‘favourite’ (or a collection of them) songs which trigger emotions linked to events and songs which are you ‘secret’ soundtracks… Yes I admit it…. As a thirty something I am liking some of One Direction’s new stuff AND… Continue reading Studio days….

My top re-pins….

I love Pinterest… and by love I mean I HAVE to check everything that is being pinned before I go to sleep. Not great for the regularly recommended ‘leave your tech alone for an hour before you sleep’ I know, but I can’t help it. Recently I have noticed something. I have been watching who… Continue reading My top re-pins….