Extreme Couponing UK explained…..

I am a shopaholic – put a pound in my pocket and I can’t help but need to spend it. I can’t help it!!!! IN FACT I think there are a lot of people who feel like that nowadays, with the ‘need everything now’ mentality which floats around. How have I curbed my spending need…. well… by SHOPPING OF COURSE! 😉

BUT, not just any shopping, shopping for extreme bargains. Nothing fulfils my habit more than saving pennies and finding a bloody good bargain, so I have devised a system. I have been working on this for a while now, and it appears I have perfected it (well, there is always room for improvement, but we hang on the manufacturers bargain coupons for that!!!)

By waiting a little for things, or planning in advance, you can halve your food bill everytime. With an average family of 4 spending £59 per WEEK no food, this total equates to over £3,000 per year….. so imagine what you could do saving about £1,500 – a holiday perhaps; clear a credit card; have a luxurious family Christmas??

So let me explain EXACTLY what I do and how I do it, UK style… Last weekend, I saved a whopping 50% on my shopping bill in 2 stores. With a little careful planning, I was able to fill our fridge, freezer and cupboards up AND pick up a few little bargains on the way….

RULE NUMBER 1 – The best time to shop is reduction day… find out when your local store does the majority of their marking down. EVERYTHING can live in the freezer. On my last shop I picked up 5 tubs of chopped onions from Tesco – was £1.10 down to £0.10p; and 5 bags of mixed veg for casseroles £1.60 down to £0.15p (my other half thinks I am mad, but that is £12.25 saved straight away!)

RULE NUMBER 2 Where you can, collect club card points and sign up to as many freebies/voucher sites as possible (like club card points filling up fuel). I made a separate email address JUST for vouchers…. vix-vouchers@ was the tag I used. This keeps all junk mail away from your usual mail and you won’t get peeved with all the crap in between freebies….. TRUST ME… you will thank me one day for this tip….(I will list the sites I use for printing vouchers below, and none of these are affiliate links. I am purely giving my own opinion and showing what I use and do not get paid/freebies from these FYI)

RULE NUMBER 3 When you sign up to print your vouchers, make sure you have followed the procedures for setting up the micro site coupon printers. There is always a test button which, no matter how many times I have been and printed before, I always check… I have lost quite a few in the past by not checking as most will only let you print 1 voucher…!

RULE NUMBER 4 BE PATIENT. You need to dedicate a couple of hours every other week to really benefit. I am just being honest…. making sure you follow the steps below will help speed up the process.

So here goes…. I have supplied pictures (from this week’s set up) where I can to show you…..

1 –First you need to get the app MySupermarket – it is on android and apple – I used apple CLICK HERE

2 – I start with looking at the vouchers I have received or collected from each store. I use Asda price guarantee EVERYTIME as always get something back, no matter how small, it all adds up.

(NB. With my last shop at Tesco, I had spend £40 and get £6 off; spend £5 on frozen and get £2.50 off; spend £5 and get £2 off Birds Eye and a bunch of club card vouchers. That week, 20 Birds Eye Fish Fingers were £3.70 DOWN to £2.00 SO I bought 6 packs, saved £5.10 straight away THEN another £2 off at… so  £11.10 down to £4!!!!!) 

3 – Then, I visit these sites which I signed up to for their free vouchers. Some of the bigger ones will link to the smaller offers you may have had already, so a little sifting is needed, but you soon recognise this….Also, sometimes to receive a voucher you have to like the FB page, or sign up before link to voucher (hence the importance of a SEPARATE email address)

Super Savvy Me – check under the smart shopping section

My Mail – check under My Rewards for coupons

Free Stuff – this link takes you straight to links

These are the main 3 I use…..

4 – So, sift through these, print off all or as many of the items as you wish to buy. Sometimes this is a great way to try new products you may not usually buy. Once printed, clip your coupons and this is where the fun starts….

5 – Open you My Supermarket App…. and you will be able to create a shopping list. This will link to all shops you choose products from, so don’t panic…. Lets take the Ariel 3 in 1 pods:

I have a £1 off voucher to use…. So I type the product in the search bar and select…..

 This will bring up a list of the products. I first scan this looking for the BLUE TYPED offers. If there isn’t any, I normally put the voucher to one side to check next week (beware of the use by date on the voucher though…)

I then click on the product with a discount, which brings up a comparison of all the stores. As you can see, it is £12 down to £7 in some stores…. I click the pin to the store I want and then  the add button…. it is as simple as that!!!!! If you see one on a particular store cheaper than the rest, that is the one you need!

6 – I continue to use this app to create the rest of my shopping list…. this means I can plan my spend to use, for example, the spend £40 and get £6 off!

7 – WHEN YOU SHOP – you must make sure you use the overall store money off voucher (if you spend over) first before any of the other vouchers…. otherwise your spend will come vastly under….

Here is my Tesco receipt last week…. It shows a £68 spend, but when I worked out the original price for everything before any in store reductions (which don’t show unless it’s 2 for 1 etc…) I was due to spend about £85….. so with store reductions and offers it went down to £68, which is great…. but with vouchers and careful spending it went down to £33!!!! That’s a whopping  72% OFF my shopping!!!!!! I saved over £50!

Anyways – it doesn’t end there… there are many other offers where if you buy it first and then upload your receipt the manufacturer will give you money back…. Ristorante Pizza is doing this online at the moment with their special promotional packs (as of today 23/11/15) AND I have a voucher…. Waitrose is £2.50 down to £1.66 and with a £1 voucher off a £0.66 pizza sounds good… as does a voucher for a free one! 😉

This app ChekoutSmart is a great one for you to see how you can get money back buying stuff and uploading the receipt… AND they pay straight to your paypal once you have built up £20!!!!!

PLEASE NOTE!!!! With your vouchers… be sure to check the date as you don’t want to be embarrassed at the till…. and Asda have upgraded their system so they are having trouble reading barcodes and will manually enter them (their fault, they admitted this in store to me yesterday) AND make sure you DON’T photocopy… this doesn’t work at all!!!!!

Other than that…. HAPPY HUNTING… and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to plonk them below and I will try my best to help! (or if you find a bargain, stick a link!)

Vix xxxxx


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