Arbonne Makeup Primer Review…

I regularly use primer…. even if I fancy having a non-heavy foundation day I still use a primer. Don’t know what a primer does, here’s a little explanation from Vogue Magazine which will help…..(click HERE for page link)

Primers do for your skin what lingerie does for your figure – they smooth, flatter, conceal and hold things in place, so that everything you put on top of them looks immediately better. Whether you want to blur wrinkles, mattify, minimise the appearance of pores or even out skin tone, primers do this whilst creating a velvety base for make-up and helping it to stay put for longer. See our favourites here. – Lisa Niven, Vogue Magazine

I normally use Number 7 Airbrush away primer…. but today, I am trying a new product from Arbonne International.

Courtesy of Kerry Cook from Arbonne International, I was sent 2 sample primer tubes. I was really excited to try these!!!!!! I love to have a new product sample – which is why subscription boxes are a brilliant idea.

My plan is to test

Today, in order to give it a thorough test, I decided to go FULL MAKEUP. I was only having an office day, but felt it fair to put the primer under the most rigorous testing – The STRESSFUL FRIDAY OFFICE CATCH UP DAY TEST….. Let’s put this into perspective. I have a 2 & 1/2 year old with me in the office as no childcare today…. enough to test the patience of a saint, but also accumulates numerous face palms, scratching of forehead and numerous cuddles to pacify. All things which puts my makeup in a vulnerable position.

So to start, I followed my normal morning routine of cleansing, toning and -after reading the enclosed directions first- moisturising. I use Neal’s Yard Frankincense products for my daily skincare routine… (*I must do a post on these miracles of the organic skin world!)

Taking the primer, I squeezed a small bit onto my finger. The amount shown was just under what I found to need. I had to add a little more to cover my forehead, so in all, not a massive amount required….Pretty standard amount…

The first thing I noticed compared to my other primer is that it was a clearer, almost serum type primer. I use an intense serum before moisturiser – so very much like that. It has a ‘sheen’ like feel to it, not greasy at all… almost a feeling of extreme softness.

As I applied to my face (all over, including some extra attention to the crows feet area) I was pleasantly surprised at how non-heavy it felt. My other primer cream always felt like I had to massage it in quite well, but this glides on like a DREAM!!!!!!!!! and vanishes away to leave soft velvet features…

My skin didn’t look greasy, it flattened well – but the ultimate test was how would it cope with makeup…. WELL!!!! I was shocked at how easy my concealer, contouring cream AND foundation went on!!!!! super smooth! The makeup I use for contouring and concealing can be quite thick to apply, making blending a lot of work at times, but with this primer, my Kabuki brush blended all my cream elements together with ease. (I use the E.L.F Kabuki brush for blending.)

The foundation I use is Maxfactor Infinity, which can be quite a thick/heavy makeup- used mainly for big days out/evenings but an office day for this test. On a normal day I use a Seventeen BB tinted moisturiser. The next was the ‘rest of the day’ test.

Straight away I felt like I only had my BB cream on. My face was not heavy at all, felt extremely light and silky smooth even through the foundation!

By 1pm, my makeup felt and looked the same as when I applied first thing. Good start!!!!  I had even been out in a little drizzle when on the morning school run, and my makeup survived (my hair however…..)

Test number 2

So I have been using this on and off for a bit now, using it well under tinted moisturiser without issue and even just a few dabs of concealer on trouble areas as it made my skin so soft and lovely I needed little else!!!!

The biggest challenge was New Years Eve!!! 1920’s murder mystery party- suffice to say, in order to get into character immense amount of make up was required! With no issues, my make up was able to glide on beautifully, giving me confidence in reducing my age from 34 to a late 20’s (if I do say so myself!!!)

It remained the whole evening with ease and didn’t feel heavy or gloopy! At the end of the evening, and quite a few cocktails later, removal was on the cards!!!! Hahahaha! Using this primer has been a dream at all stages, including removal! Sometimes your skin can feel like it had been dried out like a prune after such heavy make up, not after this! It remained soft, removal was easy following a scrub wash and cleanser! Toner usually finds more no matter how much you wash, but there was very little left at all!!!

Overall, compared to my normal primer from number 7, this is a great product!!! Definitely one I would purchase and change to as it ticked all the boxes that a primer should and beyond!

I hope this has helped….!

You can find your own Arbonne International products by clicking HERE (this is not an affiliate link)

Vix xxxxx


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