Phone My Mum….

Child safety is always at the forefront of any parent or guardian’s mind. Keeping eyes in the back of your head when out and about is always particularly stressful ESPECIALLY at big events.

I live in the South West and from Springtime there are always a lot of events that we attend as a family, from local farm shows to large festivals!! One of the things we always do with our 2 (aged 7 and nearly 3 at date of posting) is seek out the Air Ambulance’s free armbands where you can write your phone number and attach to your child should they get lost. Unfortunately, this is at very few events to be honest, which is a shame… UNTIL NOW!!!!!

If anyone else’s kids are half of what my 2 are like at wanting the freedom to walk around a show not constantly holding your hand… or generally getting distracted and wondering off…. they will appreciate like I did this genuinely brilliant idea!

I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to receive and review a life-changing product which every parent should have… it’s a wanderer’s safety blanket for when they ‘escape’. Now, I know I will receive criticism with regard to watching your children (everyone expects parents to be perfect and children to ALWAYS do as they are told), but every parent knows that it can happen at anytime. You stop to chat with a friend, turn around and they’re off!!!!! The panic that sets in that they are on their own. Do they know your phone number? Do they know what to do if lost? Did I TELL them where to go? We could all ensure our children are equipped as best as possible to find their way back….

Amanda, founder and owner of Phone My mum (click HERE for website) has the answer, and in the most cute of ways which appeals to children’s fashion nature too! Mine are extremely conscious of what they wear! And here we have it… the personal ID bracelets that are unique, fun, practical AND gives you and your child confidence should they nip off!!!

Please excuse the ‘oops’ sticker editing…. don’t particularly wish to hand out my phone number! 🙂

Amanda’s personal experience and, as she puts it, “humiliation” of having her mum’s phone number pinned inside her coat has led her to truly understand the needs of children inspired designs, so I was truly excited to receive these little gems!!! As were my kids!!

Phone My Mum caters for both boys and girls, in a more grown up and fun way with their vast selection of additions you can have on your bracelet. From a cheeky monkey, flowers or Frozen characters to football, gold skulls and micro fruit pieces, there truly is something for all!!

I received one boys choice, one girls choice (which was from the gorgeous gift range) and a key chain! All were lovingly delivered in an individual gift bag.

I opened the jiffy bag and found a football and dice bracelet for my son, who as aforementioned, is 7… going on 15…. He is also in the Beaver Scouts, and for those that don’t know me, I am a Beaver Scout Leader. For me on this level these are a MUST for Scout Leaders taking a colony/pack/troop out and about… especially the little ones. If you think 2 parents keeping an eye on 2 kids was hard enough… 4 leaders and 30 children is a whole different stress!!! Feedback from parents I have spoken to so far  has been extremely positive and enquiries being made! 
The bracelet is elasticated, not too tight, but not too loose that it would fall off and be lost… oh the irony…. it had 2 football, 2 dice and 3 emoji dice shaped inserts. Hayden loved it!!! He wanted to wear it straight away… so off he went… it’s been hard to get it back so that it doesn’t vanish around the house!!! and, as we received these prior to Christmas (2015) we were able to try it out a few times (which I will list below). The phone number was correct and easy to read from the cube numbering. I have a couple of 6’s and 9’s, so there is a handy dot at the base of each number just to confirm which it is! (nice touch!!)

The little set for my daughter Brooke was gorgeous… It was Frozen based, and the gift bracelet has a gorgeous little Elsa on it. Snowflakes separate with silver beads and blue hearts to give an overall effect which is in keeping with the movie. What little girl wouldn’t want to wear it?!?!?!?! What a great idea to offer as a gift set for someone – birthday, Christmas…?!? Not only pretty, but practical for the receiving parent too!  Brooke loves her Elsa. As a fellow ‘Princess’ it has passed the test for this demanding toddler!!!

 Brooke is nearly 3, and is very good with not putting things in her mouth, but for safety, this isn’t recommended for any child under 3 – and/or still a bit ‘stick everything in the mouth’…. How to get around this hand to mouth problem or bracelet phobic children? Well by the key ring/number chain of course!!!!!

 Über cute!!!!!! This little gem can be attached to wallets, keys, inside of coats etc…. or bags… The carabiner is solid and sturdy with a screw lock system for added security. An elephant adorns the end to hold the numbers in place securely. Again, this is not an item for younger peeps to ‘chew’ on due to small parts.

I have used these well for events around here already – here is a quick list…

  • Hayden’s school Christmas party – he went on his own to the party, and to help should an accident occur, this would have been quick reference…
  • Christmas Lights Switch on – a busy high street and I was walking with the Beaver Colony so couldn’t keep my eye on him all the time… Brooke had hers on too!
  • Moors Valley Beaver Scout outing – wandering around woods all day with lots of distractions, luckily no-one got lost, but it is so easy to walk off… I am recommending this product to all our parents.
  • Trips out – In Brooke’s bag which travels everywhere, her keychain is attached… so if she goes out for the day with anyone it is there ready as a contact.
  • Soft play centre – near us there is a really big play centre. Both had their bands on just in case, then were free to run around without my having to watch the whole time. It is a secure venue, but in case of anything, I would have been contactable straight away.
  • Hayden scooted round to a friends house – the mum of his friend was able to call me to confirm she had received him safely! 🙂 that was a great little test! It also made me feel a lot happier that he was out with a contact number ‘just in case’

The confidence this has given my 7 year old is huge. We talk about staying safe, and as part of his Beaver Scout training he has to know his home address and phone number, but under stress of an incident he may not be able to remember it… OR should anything have happened where he could not speak, it is there….

I can’t wait for the events to start and to show these off…. the only thing missing would be one for my Fiancé…. maybe that could be the next move for this inspiring and forward thinking company…..

Here is the link to the website again for you to pop on and have a nosey…. this isn’t an affiliate link, it is just my opinion on a great little product…. Phone My Mum

Amanda has a blog on her website and a Facebook page which you can follow (HERE)

I literally cannot count the amount of different designs available, which is nice, as there is ample choice for your little ones.

ANOTHER good idea Amanda supplies, is the keychain for us bigger peeps!!! Who keeps forgetting their phone number…? *holds up hand* – what a genius way to keep it handy by adding this to your keys…. or should you lose your keys, they could be found and back to you before you have even finished emptying your handbag… 😀

Let me know if you have one, have used one and any other ideas of where they are useful!!!

Keep safe! 🙂

Vix  x x x x x x


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