Breville Active Pro Blender….

So – I was EXTREMELY lucky to be selected by to review the Breville Active Pro Blender… I did another video and written review (under video) – I appear to be getting to grips with video editing now… slowly but surely! hahahahahaha! Maybe I will do a post on that too! 😉

What a great product!!!!! Initial reactions are the box is inviting with colourful healthy fruit to inspire anyone who might be thinking of buying a Pro Blender.

Once inside, I was not disappointed. The box had specific contact information and a link to a for a supportive website with extra recipes, videos and master classes using other Breville products!!! I am working my way through the recipes, but my favourite has to be frozen strawberries, Greek natural yoghurt, oats, crushed almonds and a little milk! Mmmmm!! (there are a few recipes in the instruction booklet)

The main unit is not bulky nor an eyesore – it sits perfectly in my kitchen, taking up the smallest amount of room!!! The blades are sharp, so be careful of those, but it comes with a protector, which is great – especially with little people around! The protector also turns into a nuts & seeds crusher!!! I LOVE THIS BIT!!! It means I no longer have to buy the more expensive bags of blitzed nuts to add, I can buy whole and use exactly what I want.

The instructions for use are really clear and easy to follow. The Max fill line is the top of the rubber grip on the bottle, so you never have to squint to find it, or worry about it rubbing off, you always know!!! Making the smoothies was easy, as you blend to your desired amount of blitz…. I like to have chunkier smoothies, but have tried this to see how small ingredients can get, and this does extremely well. When blending, it recommends holding the button for 60seconds, then rest for 60 seconds, then follow this pattern until at desired consistency. To be honest, I haven’t yet had to go over 1 session of 60 seconds as it is very fast and efficient! I crushed some almonds in the protector attachment, and pulsed the button to achieve the right level of crush. I would recommend tapping before opening the blade end as when I unscrewed, it was quite powdery and spilt, MY FAULT…. So take note… as soon as I tapped it, the powder fell easily to the bottom! I haven’t yet tried adding the almonds to the whole shake mix before blending, so I think I will try that and add to the review once done if it doesn’t work as well!

One of the other recipe ideas is to use it to blend up your healthy pancake batter, or to use for eggs etc… for an omelet!!! Such a great idea!!!! And so much easier than hand whisking!

All of the component parts are built for ease of use and clean, and that they were! No fiddly bots to separate to clean, it just rinses really easily, no-where for bits to hide!!!

The cup was a great size! Not too small where you feel you get half a portion, and not too big, that you end up wasting any… to be honest, with the recipes I have tried so far I haven’t wasted a drop!!! It has a neoprene cover too to help keep it cool! There is a non-slip easy grip on the main cup too. The lid screws on firmly, and the pop lid is also secure, but leaves room that it doesn’t bang your nose when drinking. No fear of spilling a drop with this cup at all!! Again, the cup is super easy to clean and doesn’t have the ‘milk’ smell which some get even after being washed!

It all stores really well on my kitchen side and not in the way, but this will also store well in a cupboard as is much smaller than other units.

Overall, I was very impressed with this product and am glad to have it in my healthy food preparation collection! With it being so easy, there is just no excuse not to have a healthy drink at least once a day!


Would love for you guys to have a watch, give me some feedback on info etc… or even some of your smoothie recipes! 🙂

Vix xxxxx


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