Time away….

So I have been so busy with my business I have neglected Washi Life… The reason I set it up was to offer an insight into may life, give some reviews, maybe a funny story…. but life is so busy I have been extremely poor at doing any of that!

I have been thinking of writing more about my life, but not on here, maybe as an alias somewhere so i can be free to write anonymously…  Finding the time for me is ever smaller with all the commitments I have. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change a thing… just a few more hours in the day perhaps! 🙂

Maybe I could write a book on here… an ongoing diary of stories which has a bearing on fictional/non-fictional scenarios…. I think my biggest problem is that I forget to document thinks that happen, or question whether they would even be interesting at all! crazy I know… but literally time is that thin that’s what happens! I have just been on holiday and managed to take a dozen photos, and that was it!!! lol!!!!

Find a niche… an interest… this page I love reviewing things, I think I am good at that…. but I think I need to keep some of my life separate – which can leave little content sometimes… Must try harder! 🙂

Vix  xxxxx


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