Pinterest undone….

As of today – 9th October 2015….I have the following:

95 pin boards – of which I have managed to spread 5672 pins across them! SO I have decided to try and complete a pin each month at the very least, at least one. Shouldn’t be too hard right?!?!

Some are extremely similar as the inspiration was needed and a decision just couldn’t be made, so they were pinned pending review. I have OCD pins to help organise my pins! THAT is the extreme lengths my pinning has got to….. and I am not on my own right! 😉

I will post links and pics here to the blog posts of the pins I have completed, or notes I have made, or just general things I feel would be useful. Like I said, this blog is to help organise my life too or it will stay a disorganised chaos of pin boards which never see the light of day! 😉

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